About the blogger

Journeys in Time is primarily devoted to stories about Titanic and her passengers, and interesting tales and photos from the Past and survivors I have known. It has been my good fortune over the past 36 years, to meet some of these amazing people, whose lives were living history.  The mystery and intrigue which still surrounds the ship continues and intensifies to this day as the 100th anniversary approaches.  The story of Titanic is timeless and eternal- she is legend.

All photos and text on this site are under copyright protection and are intended solely for private use. If there is an image you wish to use, please contact me at Revdma@aol.com (Shelley Dziedzic) for reproduction permission.

1 thought on “About the blogger”

  1. Patricia Bumpus said:

    Beautiful site!! My 12 year old daughter just watched The Titanic for the first time today, she was completely absorbed. When it was over, I happened to tell her that I had once met a man who was on the Titanic. Mr. Drew had come to Ashaway Elementary School to teach my 3rd or 4th grade class origami! He was quite a character!

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